Monday, 24 October 2011

Apple IOS game concept

I have been thinking of a game idea (remake) for the last few months and think this project is a good opportunity to develop it!

The project is based on the Arcade classic 'Pang' a personal favourite of my youth, very playable, addictive and simple fun...

My original twist is to create a 3D version with my own original characters, environments and back story. I have been working on a series of 'Bot' characters with the main one a typical box shape as per 'wall-e', 'Jonny 5' etc.  Some of the reference styles and inspirations are:

 - angry birds - cut the rope - sprinkle - frogger - pang - tetris - bionic comando - arkanoid - jet pac - battleships - tower defense - space invaders - Contre Jour - spy mouse - star wars arcade - rogue sky - ghosts'n'goblins - Dust: An Elysian Tail

The back story (wip) would be that the 'bubbles' are actually a power source which have escaped from a reactor and need to be broken down and collected/harvested, with the largest size broken down several times before forming a collectible substance, all against the clock before the power bubbles become unstable and explode, as per the original the bubble movement will speed up as the sizes reduce.  Taking the element from the original game of some bubbles containing power ups such as: time freeze, laser, invincibility, double weapon etc.

Re: the I-phone/pad aspect  I personally do not get on well with games using the tilt control system such as 'mokey ball' and 'wolfensten'  but I can imagine that some people would like the novelty factor, this in mind I would create a control menu where people can choose the control method.  I would however utilise the touch screen aspect and include some tapping & dragging aspects.

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