Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Goddess Temple Sanctum_Wip Dump

Been busy beavering away on the temple environment mock up for my Goddess bust.

Took my time learning / getting the hang of the ZBRush 4R7 update, having a pleasant time putting together the pieces and mocking up in Photoshop.

My process to date has involved the initial rough sketch of the master-plan which was iterated in sketch form before the 4R7 block out and basic lighting / material render.

Using multiple 3D renders to composite in photoshop, painting and adding photographic texture, the intention being to frame the piece with the arch way from the initial concept framed with a pair of Guardians which I have been working on separately ( see previous ;D)

The composite WIPS (work in progress) shown below shows the stages from the 3D render / 1st pass to a more developed composite with photo texture and digital matte painting.

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