Friday, 8 May 2015

Interdisciplinary Group Critique_7th May

A positive critique and feedback session as part of the MA schedule, a key benefit of which, as the title suggests is the 'interdisciplinary' aspect where a mixed group of MA students from all disciplines review and give honest opinions to your work.

In a some what harsh but holistic approach I was asked to show my final production and receive critique from the group without being able to comment. As this was my first foray into the world of sound production I based my sound work on a slowly animated reveal of a fantasy environment.  The final submission piece can be seen here:

After setting up my work I pressed play and sat squirming for just over 2 minutes while the group silently observed my work.  After the animatic finished there was a deadly silence for a few seconds before Paul, the session leader offered up the work for critique.  Initial comments included:

'Initial calming feeling becomes more sinister with the progression of the soundtrack'

'the imagery and sound were matched'

'...left with a sense of expectation, wondering what will happen next.'

I was awash with a massive sense of relief as my general intentions were carried across and a group of commentators with no specific understanding of my practice clearly identified my implied concept. The concluding discussion was invaluable with my personal battle of searching for my place in industry nearing an end.  It now seems clear that my skill set is in the generation and development of concepts to brief, with my ongoing task being to continue to research top industry professionals and identify their ongoing developments in working practice and innovation, at the same time taking what is applicable and complementary to my own working practice.

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