Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Here are some progress sketches and 3D mock up for 'Bertie', pitch work for a small robot companion hand made by a minor based on a remote planet, for his young son back home...

The images in reverse order show a mock up of the head of one of the sketches from the 2nd sketch sheet, this was modelled in Z Brush and rendered in key shot, the final 3 texture variations were composited in Photoshop, balancing the renders with and without lighting in the eye areas. Further notes above each image:

Sketch thumb sheet 02: more specific 'Gargoyle' look explored as requested by the client, reference sheet below.

My initial sketch thumb sheet shows a range of possible approaches as per the reference sheet below, I was aiming for a child friendly companion robot as unfortunately the brief was very vague and had little information on the robots appearance or the child's age etc.

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