Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Critique, Self Critique & test renders...

Queen BPR PS

'Best Render Pass' producing the render, Alpha, Shadow, Ambient Occlusion, Depth and Sub Surface Scattering components. These are imported into photoshop and all elements are then imported as separate layers into the PBR render file, creating a layered psd file for post production.

All Layers are set independently with the exception of the Alpha render pass, this is added into a new 'Channel' layer and allows me to crop the layers to the edge of the model, creating a clean silhouette which makes for ease when importing the composite into another scene. Although the edge will have 'Aliasing'  when its compressed and will need a final clean up with a blur or eraser depending on the required edge hardness.

Queen screen grab zbrush

A still screen grab taken from the sculpting programme z brush, this shows the Poly Paint test which was fairly successful in bringing the character to life.

Queen Render keyshot test W notes / crit...

This work in progress shows the Queen in a basic / test render within Key Shot

The model was broken down into relevant components such as the eyes, face, hair and costume and basic materials were applied.  I used the shot to review and critique the nearly complete character, a few minor tweaks and She will be ready for compositing into the main shots. The next stage would be to create a UV map in order to export and import the Poly Painted face which would carry along the hand painted face texture into the rendering software.

Dave Feedback sk sheet / overview

Leading to my self critique / evaluation / render pass test,
Show Dave crit jpeg +

My queen test renders...

Fully explain each step and process!!!!

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