Thursday, 1 October 2015

MA Final Year, Award Specific Unit_Initial Notes

For the 1st unit of my final MA year, I have the opportunity to set up and plan my final Masters project for 2016. I have taken the opportunity to sign up for a CGMA course in 'Colour and Light for production' ( taken by Tyler Carter, visual development artist at Blue Sky Studios. This will give me a head start on the structure for the ASU as I can tailor my production of studio work around the course outline.

For my Master project I am planning on producing an animatic showing the developed work from this ASU project, as I would love to work on science fiction franchises such as Star Wars and Alien I will create content that will aim to match the look and feel of those productions.

The choice of content to create at this stage ranges from Character, environment and prop (vehicle).  I will initially pursue concept ideation for all 3 directions and fine tune my direction as I work through thumb nailing to concept development.

After a group critique discussing the potential direction for our project it was emphasised that I should aim to produce a short animatic conveying a scene from the imagined world, setting up an immersive scene by looking to capture accurate and compelling lighting and atmospherics, this was reassuring as it re emphasised my intended direction, also confirming a good match up with the Colour and Light course I will be taking alongside. 

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