Sunday, 18 October 2015


Kicking off the Fall term of this CGMA course, Here are the first 3 of the weeks value studies for assignment 1.

Given my Star Wars inspired personal project I have chosen scenes from Star Wars Episodes IV & V as well as an environment scene from the recent Rebels animation series, for the 3 film / animation references.

I will follow on with 3 master studies, 2 still life studies and 2 concepts from imagination to meet the 1st weeks tasks.

The emphasis from the 1st assignment is to develop value recognition skills, defining high, low mid and full keys. This will in turn teach us how value keys are used in production to emulate emotion and create immersiveness.

We are limited to the use of a flat Oval brush at 100% opacity and encouraged to use a limited range of 5 values with no  rendering / shading. Although I couldn't resist adding a little hatching to try and describe some of the subtle changes in value.

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