Saturday, 14 November 2015

8 Key Frames 8 Design Principles

As a base for my Masters project direction I have started by creating these 8 key frames to show potential cinematic moments to develop into concept composites.

The 8 principles covered include: Big, Medium & Small - directly using 3 scaled objects to portray depth. Focal point, to highlight the main area of the image. Rhythm to show subtle but flowing complementary forms to guide the viewer. Golden third, the classic composition ratio. Negative & Positive Space, using graphic shapes to separate the key components of the image. Foreground, Mid ground and Background, to clearly define the 3 main areas of the composition to maximize the read of those parts. Flow using pointers within the image to push the viewers eye along a specific path. Scale by comparison to clearly identify depth, this should be carefully balanced with atmospheric perspective for maximum effect.

I will look to develop a few of the stronger frames to elaborate on:

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