Thursday, 12 March 2015

12th March 15'' Visiting Lecturer_Barnaby Templer

An insightful lecture / workshop with Barnaby Templer from Phonic Studios, Barnaby introduced us to some of his varied works in Film, music video and animation, also giving us the chance to share our work and get crucial feedback in the remit of sound.

With my very limited knowledge of sound and its terminology, most of the topics covered were virgin territory. Similar themes did pop up though such as attention to detail and a concrete understanding of fundamentals being required to produce successful outcomes.

Another key point of the day regarding my work specifically was the importance of a compelling back story to add substance to the developed visuals and entice the audience to want and wonder for more.  Something I had been considering recently after the same feedback from other tutors.

I was advised, given the fantasy / science fiction aspect to really push the audio, helping to 'get the story across in every way possible' including generating a sound for the eyes illuminating in the opening shot.  We worked out a plan to really sell the mystery of the imagery that will be revealed in the final animatic, by breaking the soundtrack into 3 parts, firstly a serene inviting sound as the opening shot reveals the Goddess bust, building to a change in pitch and tone as the priestess is revealed activating a sense of drama, to be concluded by a dramatic highlight as the camera pulls through the entrance arch to the sanctum and shows the guardians either side of the opening coming to life!

Other general points from Barnaby included the order for sound in production of layering vocals at the top, with music, effects (physical sounds), atmospherics, and Foley at the base. Low, mid and high range sounds to be treated separately. Barnaby recommended 'Iris' software by Izotope as a good way to manipulate Foley for my specific requirements, he also suggested 'Boom Library' and 'Hiss & Roar' as web sites for stock sounds.

Overall it was a very inspiring and motivational session, helping to emphasise the importance of a strong soundtrack and synchronised effects.

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