Monday, 9 March 2015

Schedule Draft_Unit02

As this post would be otherwise slightly dull, I decided to brighten it with a shot of my Clear Resin cast from my research into practice unit.

Unit 02_Draft Schedule MKI

Project Start:
Introductory Lectures:
Research into relevant reference:
Foley session 01: see blog post
Research of relevant reference:
Looking at 'Audacity' software as an entry level to basic manipulation and stretching:
Foley Session 02: water attempt 2 with specific equipment, beast breathing & other identified sounds 
Use of Audacity to manipulate and develop Foley session sounds.
Ongoing research into Sounds of Star Wars, Avatar and other Science fiction and relevant references.
Lectures from Sound professionals @ NUA
Production of animatic(s) Guardian & potential temple block out, time permitting.
Post production of sound design timed with realised animatics.
preparation of material for submission

Ongoing studio work:

Software introductions and learning: Audacity etc...(list!?)

Developing an understanding of Z Brush 4R7's new hard surface modelling feature.

Guardian Bust:
3D block out of Temple Environment

Life Class, Pose session, Model Booked
On going freelance: end of ITL, Illustration

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