Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Something I am thinking about in my practice is 'Innovation', this has stemmed from my further education / ongoing masters degree and the recurring question of 'how' is your practice Innovative? 

One thing that has kept cropping up is how I have evolved my process 'work in progress / WIPS!..

This example of a current branding project for an upcoming restaurant shows how I combine my traditional sketch, digital development and referencing to develop my designs.

Overlaying all components in various iterations to fully explore all the options from the produced content:

07; Line work clean up / Design development #02_Inverse Test: 

07; Line work clean up / Design development #02:

06; Line work clean up / Design development #01:

05: Initial line work clean up:

04: Sketch studies / design development:

03: Traditional Thai style Artwork inspiration:

02: Specific reference:

01: Brief!

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