Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Fibre mesh test 01

My 1st exploration of the fibre mesh  feature in Z Brush 4R7 with my Current female character bust;

Going in with the Eyebrows & lashes. Following the Gnomon tutorial from Madeleine Scott -Spencer, Scott-Spencer refers to experience in 'Real' props for film where the layering of hair was arranged from the lowest point upwards, repeating this in Z Brush gives more accurate and manageable results.  I am also referencing to an amazing artist; Hossein Diba:


Beginning by masking the relevant area and blurring the edge of the mask in a lower subdivision, which then tells Fibre mesh to generate smaller / shorter hairs in the blurred area! Using the grooming brushes and sculpting tools to finalise the overall shapes.

This is a pretty straight forward entry point as I am just sticking to the eye lashes and brows, If I was to create the head of hair I would have to produce several sub tools to build up the hair accurately to suit the desired style. The working screen shot shows the varied modifiers which adjust every aspect of the 'fibres' which are then transformed into subtools and can be further manipulated with the programmes standard sculpting tools.

My next task will be to poly paint the face, although I may end up UV unwrapping to create a UV map I can paint and texture in

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