Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Norwich Castle Keep_Re-enactment Visualisation_Stage 01

The first part of my role in this project ( visualisation work for the Castle ) has involved using the clients provided schematics to get accurate proportions, combining them with notes made on photographs taken for the scale model of the keep, which will act as a tool to speed up the modelling stage.

Site survey photos are limited in their use for reference as we are re creating the keep in its original glory, these initial concepts will assist us in agreeing the final direction for the 2 shots we will produce.

These concepts form 'key frame' shots as part of the sequencing for the 2 overall parallax animations. I have tried to innovate my practice by blocking out a base mesh in 3D and rendering the proposed shots in 'grey box' format, making 2D sketch notes over the top to annotate the story board sequence, Also introducing a lighting direction in the second shot.

Shot 1 key frames and shot master:

Showing key frame 1 with an extreme close up (ECU) of the head table, King centred with queen and 1st lady to one side, guests on the other side.  Key frame 2 shows the mid frame revealing the central feature and arched backdrop, with curtain / tapestry behind table. Guards are flanking both sides of the table. Key frame 3 is the full reveal of the rear elevation, hinting at the gallery and roof structure, a servant walks in from screen right taking a platter to the table.

Shot 2 key frames and shot master:

Key frame 1 starts with a close up of the kitchen preparation area and roaring spit roast in the back ground, the servant heading towards the head table with a platter. Key frame 2 pulls out to reveal the gallery and central feature of the space mood lighting poors in from screen right, capturing the smokey / dusty atmospheric effect. Key frame 3 shows the wide shot of the Keep revealling the roof space and head table.  NB this shot will pull through the Bigod Arch in the last frame, not shown here.

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